From the desk of Ronnie Noize, WEO President

December 1, 2015

A couple of weeks ago a friend sent me a desperate message, begging me to give her a referral for a service she needed immediately. She said she'd worked with a business that had dropped the ball, and needed something done quickly and done right. Because her deadline approached rapidly, she had no time for errors or mistakes. 

She asked me for help because she knows that I have many people in my network, and she was ready to buy but didn't have the time to shop around, so she would go with my suggestion.

Of course I knew of a couple of people to whom I could refer her, and I wanted to introduce her to a WEO sister, but it didn't work out. Here's why:

The WEO member to whom I wanted to refer my friend did not have a complete profile, so I couldn't share her website or phone number. As a matter of fact, the only information in her profile was her name and a personal email, which told me nothing about her business. And I am sorry to say that my memory failed me, and I couldn't remember the name of her business at that time.

I really wanted to refer new business to this person, but she made it too hard. Yes, I emailed her to ask for more info such as her website to share with my friend, but she didn't even bother to reply to me.

Although I ended up giving my friend a referral to another business (not a WEO member), I really wanted to refer to my WEO sister, but it didn't happen because her profile wasn't complete.

One of the wonderful benefits of WEO membership is our Directory, which lists our members and their contact information. If your profile isn't complete, you are making it difficult for others to refer business to you. At the very least, your profile should include your contact information such as your email, phone number and website.

The good news is that updating your profile is quick and easy! All you have to do is log in to the WEO website, and click on the View Profile link directly under your name in the login box, then click on the Edit Profile button. Super easy!

If you need help, see the new Login Help page for a 10-minute video tutorial on logging in, editing your profile, and registering for events.

You can also call me for help. Just see my listing in WEO's Directory for my contact info.

Ladies, I WANT to refer business to you! Please, make it easy for me and your other WEO sisters to refer by completing your profile today! Thank you.


Ronnie Noize

WEO President

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