February 1, 2016

Happy February!

This month, I'm continuing our discussion of the new and exciting upgrades you can expect from WEO in 2016.

As I've mentioned at several meetings, my goal is for everyone to have a wonderful time at WEO meetings. This can only be possible with the support and participation of our members.

Guests (and even some new members) often arrive at WEO not knowing a soul, so it is our job (collectively) to make sure they feel welcome, and have a great time.

We are doing several things to make that happen. 

First, the lovely Kibbey Rock greets and welcomes guests when they arrive. But Kibbey needs to stay at the front, so our guests are left to wander in alone.

Our Table Hostesses are the solution. If you've been to a meeting, you've probably noticed WEO's Table Hostesses.

Table Hostesses are members who have volunteered to help make WEO meetings a positive experience for everyone by facilitating introductions and conversation at the dinner tables.

They have extra table tents identifying them as Table Hostesses, and they make a special effort to help everyone enjoy their evening at WEO.

Table Hostesses help members and guests feel welcome and enjoy the meeting by...

1. Inviting guests and members to join them at their table.

2. Facilitating introductions and business card exchange at the table so everyone feels included.

3. Encouraging conversation by asking how everyone will introduce themselves (checking the table agenda for the month's introduction question), ideally involving everyone at the table.

Table Hostesses also answer questions about what's going on, make sure everyone gets fed by leading the way to the buffet table, and in general, act as if WEO were the party they are throwing.

Table Hostesses also facilitate our centerpiece giveaway that follows the Pot O'Gold drawings. Here's what they do:

1. Make sure everyone at the table has a feedback form. After filling out the form, fold the paper in half.

2. Count off from 1-8 (or whatever), and each person writes her number on the outside of her form.

3. Gather all the forms, and pull one randomly. That number wins the centerpiece prize.

There are many rewards for serving as a Table Hostess, including feeling the satisfaction of doing one's part to produce another successful WEO meeting, meeting new people, and seeing one's name in the list of Table Hostesses in the newsletter.

Would you like to be a Table Hostess? There is no obligation to serve more than once, and you can make the decision after you arrive at the meeting. Just look for me (Ronnie Noize, WEO's president) at the meeting, and we'll get you set up.

Thank you for supporting women in business!


Ronnie Noize

WEO President

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