Meeting Reservations

All WEO members are encouraged to be on the Standing Reservations list.

When you have a "standing reservation," you are automatically registered for the next meeting at the advance rate, so you never have to pay late fees, and you don't have to worry about registering in time to reserve your place at the next meeting.

Welcome to WEO! Laura Harrington (left) and Roni Sasaki (right)And when you are registered, you're treated like a celebrity! Your name badge and table tent are waiting for you at check in, courtesy of our wonderful welcome crew (pictured from left to right: Laura Harrington and Roni Sasaki).

How to Make a Reservation
Members may reserve for the next meeting by signing up at the current meeting on the sheets that are passed around. Members may also reserve their places themselves by clicking on the link on the monthly meeting page. Members have the option of prepaying for the meeting when they reserve online, or to pay at the door.

How to Cancel a Reservation
Members with reservations (standing or otherwise) may cancel their reservations for any meeting; simply alert the Reservations Coordinator by email no later than 3 p.m. the Wednesday (one week) before the meeting. If the reservation is not cancelled by then, the member will be responsible for meeting fee. 

If a member needs to cancel a reservation at the last minute, it is recommended that she post a request on the WEO Facebook group for another member to take her place. If nobody is available to take her place, the member may let the Reservations Coordinator know that her place is available for an unregistered member or guest who shows up at the meeting.

Guests may register through the Calendar or through the registration link on the meeting page. Please note that the Pay at Door option is reserved for members only.

To be added to the WEO Standing Reservations list, sign up at the next WEO meeting. 

To see the current Standing Reservation list, visit WEO's Facebook group and look in the Files section.

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