WE Care Project: Mother’s Day Flowers

It’s that time of year again …. Where we open our hearts (and checkbooks) in order to bring joy to 30 or 40 senior ladies around Mother’s Day!  This worthwhile project is heartwarming for those that participate, whether through donations or helping with flower arranging, AND for those that receive a small arrangement of cheerful flowers.  2016 is the fourth year WEO ladies have brought joy and happiness to sometimes forgotten or over-looked Moms.

The Vancouver Housing Authority provides affordable and/or subsidized housing for hundreds of senior citizens on a fixed income throughout the County.  Many of their residents have no local family members, possibly are estranged from family members or there simply isn’t money in the family budget to spare.  Holidays can be difficult but to go unnoticed and unappreciated can make a holiday difficult to bear.  We’ve found a way to recognize some of these Moms – by delivering small vases of fresh flowers to several housing facilities and the staff does the rest!  This makes for some HUGE smiles (sometimes tears) but also allows the residents to keep their pride intact because the Housing Authority staff does the delivery and the Moms remain anonymous.

This program was made possible by the valuable assistance from Susan Stokman and the Stokman Family Flower Farm, the generous donations of the WEO membership and arrangements made by Terri Klinski, Darla Thomas and Debra Wilson. Thanks to all!

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