From the desk of Ronnie Noize, WEO President

November 1, 2015

Ladies, this month I want to encourage you to get involved at WEO, for both yourself, for the other members, and for the organization as a whole. We are stronger, smarter, more capable and more successful together, and I invite each and every one of you to get involved in WEO!

Even if you don't have time to serve outside the meetings, you can be involved. There are positions at the meeting that are fun, easy, and highly visible, and we want YOUR help!

It's easy just to show up and be entertained, but you will get so much more out of each meeting if you show up with the intention and determination to add value to the evening. That could be as simple as serving as a table hostess, helping greet at the check in table, or if you've got more time to invest, perhaps serving on one of the committees is more your thing. Choose from Membership, Programs and WE Care, or start your own committee if you've got the notion. 

Just know that the more you are involved in WEO, the more you will get from WEO.

I am reminded of a poem I once saw in my father's Masonic magazine (edited here to reflect the sisterhood of WEO, rather than the brotherhood of the Masons), that asks a great question about membership: 

Do You Just Belong?
by Joseph Servocky

Are you an active member,
the kind that would be missed,
Or are you just content
that your name is on the list?

Do you take an active part
to help our group along
Or are you satisfied
being one to "just belong"?

There is a project scheduled,
that means success if done
And it can be accomplished
with the help of everyone!

Do you attend the meetings
and mingle with the crowd
Or do you stay at home
and crab both long and loud?

Do you ever go to visit
a sister who is sick
Or leave the work to few
and complain about the clique?

Attend our meetings often
and help with hand and heart.
Don't be just a member
but take an active part.

Think this over, sister,
are we right or are we wrong?
Are you an active member
or do you just belong?

Please consider being an active member, my friend! We are delighted that you're one of us, and look forward to getting to know you, working with you, enjoying your company, and helping you in any way we can.


Ronnie Noize

WEO President

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