November 1, 2016

Ladies, November is the second month of WEO's year, so now is the right time to set your goals for what you want to get out of WEO.

There are many opportunities here, including relationships, connection, education and promotion, but I want you to consider service as well.

I encourage you to get involved at WEO, for both yourself, for the other members, and for the organization as a whole. We are stronger, smarter, more capable and more successful together, so I invite each and every one of you to get involved in WEO.

Even if you don't have extra time to volunteer in your schedule, you can still serve and be involved. There are positions that happen only at the meetings that are fun, easy, and highly visible, and we want YOUR help!

It's easy just to show up and be fed, educated or entertained, but you will get so much more out of each meeting if you show up with the intention and determination to add value to the evening. That could be as simple as serving as a table hostess, helping greet at the check in table, or if you've got more time to invest, perhaps serving on one of the committees is more your thing. Choose from Membership, Programs, Marketing & Technology, and WE Care, or start your own committee if you're so inclined.

Just know that the more you are involved in WEO, the more you will get from WEO.

All it takes to get involved is to reach out with a simple message by email or Facebook, or a quick chat at a meeting with a committee chair. Here's a list of our committee chairs:

  • Programs: Amy Loudenback
  • Membership: Lynn Moses
  • Marketing & Technology: Twila Kaye Heiselman
  • WE Care: Terri Klinski

You will find each person's contact information in the Directory.

Last year I posted a poem I once saw in my father's Masonic magazine (edited to reflect the sisterhood of WEO, rather than the brotherhood of the Masons), that asks a great question about membership: Do You Just Belong?

This year, allow me to share another poem that reflects my experience joining and enjoying WEO:

Sometimes we stand outside life

Waiting for a door to open to us

Hoping the person behind that door

Will let us in and be our friend

I was once on the outside

Until a door opened to me and

Behind it I found not only a

Friend, but a new world- a sisterhood-

Now I stand behind that door- on the inside

Helping to open it for someone else

Who stands where I once stood.

~ Linda Parks

Please do "open the door" for another woman by inviting her to join us, and by getting involved at WEO--you will be glad that you did, I promise.

Thank you for supporting women in business--we're here for YOU! #WEORocks!


Ronnie Noize

WEO President

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