October 1, 2016

Our mission is: “We support, instruct and inspire each other as we expand our businesses.”

Our motto is: “Entrepreneurial Spirit in Action.”

There are some exciting new changes coming to WEO that I want to share with you as we begin our new year. WEO is sharpening our focus and expanding our membership to encompass more women in business who can be valuable contacts for us--and who we can support, as well.

As you know, networking and connection is an important part of WEO, but we are not a networking group per se. WEO is a business association, and our goal is to the level of support, resources and connections in the business world that we we simply can't get from traditional networking groups.

For this reason, among others, WEO will now be bringing more resource diversity to WEO in terms of members. I am thrilled to announce a new level of membership that will allow WEO to include more women in business in addition to our core of women entrepreneurs.

This new level is called the Executive level, and we are actively recruiting women who have a lot to offer but don't have a business license as we do. These women may serve as executive directors of nonprofits, on boards, in schools, or perhaps they work in other businesses, but they are not entrepreneurs. They have a lot to offer, such as expertise, ideas, services and connections that will support our membership, and we can support them, as well.

We will welcome their participation because being connected, supported, instructed and inspired by others is what we are all about, and I am very excited to move WEO forward to this new model.

How does this look in practical terms? Entrepreneur members are business owners with a business license. Executive members are women in the business world who do not have a business license.

Only Entrepreneurs may hold WEO Board positions, but that's the only difference at this time.

Regarding dues, there will be no changes this year for current members, but in our next renewal cycle (not this year but next, in October 2017), Entrepreneur level membership will still be $79 per year, and Executive membership (for any member who does not have a business license) will be $99 per year. First year membership for both Entrepreneur and Executive levels will continue to be $129.

WEO will be stronger, better, and more supportive for you, our dedicated and committed members, moving forward, and I am looking forward to what the future holds for all of us.

Thank you for supporting women in business--we're here for YOU! #WEORocks!


Ronnie Noize

WEO President

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