Pot O'Gold

The purpose of the Pot O'Gold (POG) is to raise money for WEO's Member Scholarship Fund and philanthropic efforts while providing extra visibility at meetings for contributing members.

The gifts are displayed at a table dedicated to that purpose, and ideally with the contributor's business card attached.

Each contributor is called by name to assist in the raffle process, thus providing the visibility. The contributor draws the winning ticket for her donation, says what's in the bag, then awards the gift to the winner, and then sits down.

If a contributor draws her own ticket, she draws again, and her drawn ticket goes back into the pot.

If a winner declines a prize, that ticket is tossed.

At the conclusion of the raffle, the POG Chair announces the total amount collected that evening, and thanks the contributors (reading from the donation list).

The donation list is then given to the Newsletter Editor for the next newsletter.

The funds are given to WEO's Treasurer.

Typical value of the gifts: $10-$20

These are NOT "white elephant/gag gifts" or just promotional merchandise. While you may include something with your logo, most people will not be thrilled if your gift is a promotional item plastered with your sales message. Members and guests pay to be in this drawing, and the expectation is that the gifts will be charming tokens, not sales literature or merely a handful of free samples.

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