WEO President's Letter: May 2017

WEO's Marketing Mastery Series

Hey ladies,

The number one programming request from WEO members is for information to help us build, promote and increase profits in our businesses. Ever responsive to member wishes, Programs Chair Amy Loudenback scheduled a marketing panel for April 2017. Her only concern was the limited amount of time each panelist would have to present new ideas and advice, but she expected a dynamic and informative evening with the three marketing experts she'd recruited. 

Feedback on the marketing panel was very positive, when an opportunity (disguised as cancellations) arose. The speakers she'd scheduled for May and June dropped out for various reasons, so she decided to extend each of the 3 panelists to a full presentation, turning Q2 into a series on marketing mastery.

First up was yours truly chatting about networking, and sharing my story (and strategy) for finding 29 new clients in 6 weeks. This month, we'll hear from Kristin Taylor on the 3-step marketing formula that rocks, and in June, we'll hear from our own Twila Kaye Heiselman to wrap up the series.

But great marketing tips are not the only take-aways from this 3-part series: The Programs Committee also came up with an exciting promotion to reward attendance--the Marketing Mastery Passport. 

All attendees will receive a Marketing Mastery Passport with 6 spaces for stamps. The passport will be stamped for each of the series meetings attended, plus one stamp for each guest you've invited who shows up at the meeting. Other ways to get stamps include signing up as a spotlight speaker or centerpiece sponsor in April, May or June, or for volunteering for WEO's 2017 Mother's Day project.

Your passport with 3 stamps can be redeemed in June for a cool WEO binder that will be loaded with bonus materials from all of the speakers. If you can manage to fill your passport with 6 stamps, you will earn an additional prize, a brand new WEO tote bag!

You're going to love this new WEO swag, and if you don't get enough stamps to get it all, you will be able to purchase the binder and/or the tote at an excellent price, because we want you to have these emblems of WEO membership.

Lots to look forward to this quarter, and I can hardly wait to see your friendly and beautiful face at WEO this month.

Thank you for supporting women in business--we're here for YOU! #WEORocks!


Ronnie Noize

WEO President

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