WEO President's Letter: July 2017

Introducing Rolling Membership at WEO!

Hey ladies,

GREAT NEWS! I am thrilled to announce an upgrade to WEO's membership policy: Effective immediately, all membership will be on a rolling year basis, meaning that your membership will always last a full 12 months no matter when you join.

Why the change? As you know, until now, WEO membership ran from October through September to align with our fiscal year. We want to grow WEO all year long, so the problem was that prospective members would have to pay for a full year to join, but would get less than a full year of membership if they joined in any month except October. Our current members are doing a great job bringing guests, but offering only a partial year of membership for full price definitely put the brakes on our membership recruitment efforts. 

The new policy of a rolling membership year makes WEO more accessible and inviting to new members, which will help us grow and thrive.

One more piece of good news about the new policy: YES, we will honor the new policy for all members who have joined WEO in 2017! WEO's new membership director Angie Sullivan, and treasurer Roni Sasaki and I will be working on the website over the summer to adjust the technical aspects on the website and adjust renewal dates. We anticipate completing the work by the end of August, so please be patient.

Thank you to all members who requested this change, and thank YOU for supporting women in business as a WEO member!

Looking forward to seeing your friendly and beautiful face at our Summer Social this month at the lovely Club Green Meadows. We're gonna have a wonderful time together, because both you, and #WEORocks!


Ronnie Noize

WEO President

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