WEO President's Letter: January 2018

From the desk of Amy Loudenback, WEO President

Welcome to 2018! I am so excited for all this year has in store. If you’re like me, you’re finalizing the expectations and goals for the upcoming year, making lists, planning and projecting. I like this season of newness and opportunity, as I tend to like change, and what better time to implement new ideas and dream new dreams than at the beginning of a new year? Change can be scary, I get that, but it can also lead to accomplishments and experiences that are completely unbeknownst to us right now. So cool!

The New Year holds a lot of change for WEO as well. Our January 17th meeting will be the first in a six month stretch at a new location. I know that Warehouse 23 will prove to be an exciting and efficient venue for our meetings. I also know that our Programs Committee has been hard at work, securing speakers and planning content that will bring value and enjoyment to our membership. Where the location will be different, this necessary change will provide the backdrop for a new Women Entrepreneur’s Organization

I saw a meme recently that said “hope is not a strategy”, and I’ve made that my mantra heading into 2018. I can’t hope for growth in my business, I have to plan, market, hire, and strategize for it. In my industry, we track hours of service provided. If I want to grow our hours by 20% per quarter, for instance, I will need to have the infrastructure in place, and the logistics worked out, for how we are going to manage the additional workload. If I wait until the growth occurs to then try and put systems in place to manage it, it cannot sustain, and it will implode. Trust me, I know this from experience. 

Your WEO board is holding an extended meeting in January with the sole purpose of establishing a vision for WEO and where we need to be as an organization, and then putting systems in place to get us there. Not hoping for growth and success, but expecting it, planning for it, and moving us forward in an efficient manner to achieve that success.

Welcome to 2018 and new vision for your WEO!

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