WEO President's Letter: November 2017

From the desk of Amy Loudenback, WEO President

· Crunchy leaves under my feet

· Warm pumpkin muffins

· Crisp morning air

· Scarves and boots

· Getting up when it’s still dark outside

Every morning I try and write down five things I’m grateful for. It’s a practice that has impacted the way I start my day, and lays a foundation for an attitude of thankfulness that I’ve grown to appreciate. It’s so simple, but makes such a difference in my day. My list is often reflective of my family, my faith, my business, happenings of the day/week, or food (of course!). For some people, it’s a great way to end the day, journaling about the goodness they encountered over the past 24 hours. Social media will soon be inundated with daily lists, memes and gifs of thankful folks, eager to express themselves, and I love it all! I have found so much value, personally, in being thankful, that I relish seeing others participate. You could say I’m thankful for thankfulness… grateful for gratitude.

I’m also rather grateful for WEO, and for all of you, my WEO sisters! I find satisfaction in thinking about how much this group means to me, how much I’ve grown and learned over the years, and how I anticipate wonderful things for our future together. In the weeks since our October meeting, we’ve seen renewed memberships and new committee involvement, and we are so grateful for these opportunities. Our Programs Committee is finalizing details for the November meeting and the December party, and we are thankful for their efforts. As we look ahead to a new venue in the new year, we are thankful for the good years we’ve been fortunate to enjoy at The Heathman.

I pledge that we don’t let Thanksgiving hold the rights to our thankfulness. That we don’t let gratitude be a tagline to the turkey and pie, but that it becomes a lens, a way of viewing life that carries us into 2018 and beyond. That we look for goodness every day, knowing that by looking for it, we will surely find it. And when we find things to be thankful for, we can’t help but become the reason others are thankful as well.

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