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From the desk of Ronnie Noize, WEO President

February 1, 2017: My Top 10 Ways to Work WEO Meetings

OK ladies, I know you're not at WEO to "work" the room, but your experience of the meetings will be greatly enhanced by following some (or all) of these well-intentioned tips for making the most of WEO meetings.

1. Bring a Pot O'Gold gift to donate. This is a huge win, and the cost (between $10-20) is very low for what you get. You get to stand up in front of the group to tell what you're giving away, and you get your name listed as a POG donor in WEO's social media, getting you visibility and recognition. Plus you're contributing to WEO's philanthropy. Nice!

2. Bring your marketing materials for the Member Display table. Promote your business with newsletters, flyers, postcards, or whatever. As you know, only speakers (keynote, spotlight and centerpiece sponsors) can contribute to the WEO goodie bags, but you can share stuff on the Member Display table.

3. Pass your business cards at your table. Your Table Hostess is responsible for making sure everyone at the table introduces themselves, and if there are gals you don't know, having your business cards at the ready will help them remember you.

4. Mingle before planting yourself in a chair! The meeting starts at 5:30, with dinner at 6, so that half hour before the buffet opens is perfect for reconnecting with friends, meeting new people, and saying hello to everyone you can.

5. Volunteer as a Table Hostess. All you have to do is make sure everyone at your table is introduced, and let the newbies know how we do our introductions. The introduction question is on the agenda in the middle of your table, so there is nothing you need to do to prepare. It's easy, and we are so grateful that you're doing your part to make the meal pleasant!

6. Volunteer for a committee. It may not look like it, but it takes a lot of work to produce our meetings, and volunteers are needed! With our new policy of limiting the positions to one year of service, the high profile jobs like introductions and registration are great ways to raise your visibility while getting to know all the members.

7. Schedule your Spotlight. WEO Spotlights get 7 minutes of our undivided attention, which is a great way to let us know what you do without the sales pitch. Spotlight speakers get to insert materials into the WEO goodies bags, as well as getting listed in the newsletters and on WEO's social media.

8. Sponsor the centerpieces. Centerpiece sponsors get 5 minutes to share ideas, expertise and background information about themselves, just like Spotlight speakers. Sponsors also get to insert materials into the WEO goodies bags, as well as getting listed in the newsletters and on WEO's social media.

9. Post your photos taken during the meetings in WEO's Facebook group, and tag with #WEORocks and/or #WEOSelfies, as well as tagging everyone in the photo. One caveat: Please get permission before you shoot and post, because we want our members to feel comfortable and safe.

10. Show up to socialize at our WEO Women on the Side (WOTS) events. Most months, we offer both a WEO WOTS Coffee Break and a Happy Hour, so you can hang out with other WEOs over coffee or wine. These events are free (except for your beverage) and have no agenda other than to connect with each other. You'll get to know your WEO sisters better, and make new friends. Win win, baby!

Looking forward to seeing YOUR beautiful face at the next WEO meeting, gal.

Thank you for supporting women in business--we're here for YOU! #WEORocks!


Ronnie Noize

WEO President

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