Member Spotlights

WEO SpotlightThe Spotlight is the perfect opportunity for WEO members to introduce themselves, their business, product, service, information or events to the WEO membership, because Spotlight speakers have the full attention of everyone at the meeting. You speak, and we'll listen!

As you know, there is no time in the meetings for individual member announcements (although all members are welcome to post announcements in the Member News blog), and the member Spotlight is the perfect way to give members the time they need to to share their important messages.

Length: Each Spotlight speaker will have seven (7) minutes to present.

Topic: The Spotlight member may speak on any topic she chooses.

Reservation process: Spotlights may be reserved in advance at WEO meetings, or online by purchasing a Spotlight registration. Please note that the registration must be paid; any pending (unpaid) registrations may be cancelled.

Availability: There are two (2) Spotlight presentations in every month except July (our summer social), August (no meeting) and December (our annual holiday party). Please see the calendar for availability by month.

Investment: Each Spotlight segment is just $49 plus the regular meeting fee for a total investment of $93.50. This fee must be paid in advance either through a check, a Square transaction at a previous meeting, or through the meeting registration on our website.

What's included in the new improved (and much higher visibility) Spotlight segments:

  • Your photo, along with your name, business name, and link to business website will appear on the event page on the WEO website

  • Your name and photo will appear in at least one social media image and/or the table agenda for the meeting

  • Your name, photo and link will also appear in the newsletter and mid-month reminder emails to promote your Spotlight

  • Your name, business and link will appear in our Facebook event and press releases

  • You will get 1/2 of a display table to showcase your marketing materials and/or your products for sale. Yes, you may sell products or services at WEO when you have a Spotlight!

  • You also get up to five items inserted into the monthly WEO goodie bag on the tables for each member. This might include your business card, brochure, special offer flyer, samples, candy or whatever you choose.

Deadline: In order to get all your social media and newsletter promotion, your Spotlight must be purchased by the 25th of the month preceding your Spotlight.

Your information: Your photo, business name and business website link will be taken from your WEO profile in the Directory. If your profile is incomplete, you will not receive all the benefits of your Spotlight.

How to prepare for your Spotlight:

  • Purchase your Spotlight dinner reservation for the month you wish to present.
  • Make sure your WEO profile in the Directory is complete with your photo and contact information.
  • Write a two-line basic introduction for yourself, and bring a typed/printed copy in at least 14-point type to the meeting. Your introduction will include your name, your business name, and a brief statement about you.
  • Show up by 5:15pm the day of the meeting so that you have plenty of time to insert your materials into the WEO goodie bags on the tables.
  • Be prepared for 50+ at the meeting.
  • Expect your presentation to be oral only. Do not plan to use either a video or a PowerPoint presentation. There is simply not enough time nor do we have the staff to make this happen for the Spotlight speakers.

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